You might like to take it with a grain of salt, but a new poll has revealed the ages people start judging you for still wearing skinny jeans, having long hair, or indulging in some favourite pastimes from your younger days.

A survey of 2000 people in the UK asked for their thoughts on the age when certain things become inappropriate.

Prepare to be irritated... here are the results:

• Age 34: stop taking selfies
• Age 36: don't text chat, and you should no longer have a favourite boy band
• Age 38: stop having belly button piercings and tattoos, and do not get drunk in public
• Age 39: don't wear a mini skirt
• Age 40: stop having 'boys' and 'girls' holidays away, and you should no longer go to Ibiza
• Age 42: you should no longer wear a football shirt
• Age 43: stop buying the latest gadgets, and don't wear leggings
• Age 44: you should stop going to nightclubs
• Age 45: at this age, you should stop going to festivals
• Age 46: stop wearing a bikini, and cut your hair shorter
• Age 47: you shouldn't wear skinny jeans, and stop using Twitter
• Age 49: ditch Facebook, and stop wearing trainers


The survey, carried out by Retire Savvy, found that ageism is obviously still alive and well, at least in Britain.

"It seems the nation expects older generations to go quietly into later life - but we have found there are a sizeable number of people who have no intention of doing so," Retire Savvy spokesperson Clare Mahood told Metro UK.

"In our community we often hear from people in their late 40s, 50s and even 60's who enjoy doing many of the things the nation thinks they shouldn't," Mahood said.

"These range from DJing in Ibiza and going to festivals, through to taking part in extreme sports and making a name for themselves as a blogger".