Lotto fever has reached an all-time high as Kiwis splurge on tickets in the hope of scoring the big bucks.

The Powerball $30 million prize up for grabs on Saturday wasn't struck, and it's rolled over to tomorrow night when it's jackpotted to an eye watering $34 million.

The sum could last you a lifetime, used wisely, but what if you splurged? What could you treat yourself to for $34 million?

Hop onto the private island marketplace and treat yourself to the $27 million Ile De Caill in the Caribbean.


Situated 5km off the northern tip of Grenada, rest assured, electricity is available in its four uninhabited houses.

You could invest in Julia Robert's smile for $30 million, and with the $4 million left over, treat yourself to Heidi Klum's legs.

You could do-over Kim and Kanye's wedding nearly three times, but you'd have to ask the pair for a small loan of $2 million - the price of younger sister Kendall's Calabasas condo.

Stock up on Kanye's Yeezy Boost sneakers, which had Kiwis camping out for them last month. They're averaging at $500 a pair on Ebay, that's 68,000 pairs of sneakers for you to burn through.

Why not have 226 wax figures made by Madame Tussauds? Each strand of hair is inserted individually, taking approximately five weeks to complete each head of hair.

That's over 20 years worth of work for the staff at Madame Tussauds.

Speaking of hair, you could secure 226,000 locks of Donald Trump's at auction, although by that time he could be considerably bald.

$35 million would get you a luxury mansion with nine bathrooms on Auckland's North Shore. The Clifton Rd property features five bedrooms and and parking for eight cars.


For something a little cosier, you could secure 618 three-bedroom houses in Taumarunui with $34 million.

In fact it's probably a good time to invest in alternative living options with the current state of the Auckland housing market.

$34 million would secure you just over 1,000,000 acres of land on the moon.

If Mars is more to your taste, 1,000,000 acres of volcanic basalt rock is available for purchase in outer space, too.

Munch away at 3000 boxes of Harrod's Patchi Chocolates- a whopping $10,000 a box. Absolutely no preservatives or colouring allowed.

Perhaps a date with Mila Kunis? The actress is worth $30 million.

And how about renting a panda from China for 34 years?

With your private island, three Kanye and Kim weddings to organise and Mila Kunis on your arm, $34 million isn't looking as ripe as it once did.

Thankfully it could roll over again to $40 million if the jackpot is not snapped up tomorrow.

Then you can buy Taylor Swift's legs, which are insured for $40 million.