Once regarded as the arch-enemy of a clear complexion, oil should be a key part of your skincare routine. Oils in their purest form rebalance the skin's moisture barrier by working deeper into the epidermis than a moisturiser can because they're lipophilic (put simply, fat-loving). Most pure botanical oils contain antioxidants and fatty acids, plus anti-inflammatory properties, so they're a potent anti-aging tool. Using a small amount of oil before makeup application can also give a better finish to your foundation.

DO: apply oil to clean, exfoliated skin so it can penetrate easily, you want to avoid a greasy sheen. As a general rule, if you're applying both moisturiser and oil, start with the moisturiser.

DON'T: use a lot, a pea-sized drop is enough for your face. Cover your fingertips and pat, don't rub the oil into your skin.

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