We all know the fashion industry caters for unrealistic body types, but this is just ridiculous.

ASOS customer George Riggall has called the company out online after receiving a pair of jeans in the post that are about one-third longer than they need to be.

"Pretty sure these aren't 32" length" he tweeted with an emoji scratching his chin, looking puzzled in the start of an exchange that has been liked nearly 40,000 times and retweeted nearly 20,000.

"Sure are," the company replied with a link to a men's fashion article about cuffed trousers prompting others to weigh-in with their opinions, including the fact the cuffs would be about 30 centimetres long.


The 20-year-old estate agent told Buzzfeed he couldn't believe the jeans when he first saw them, saying his mum found it hilarious.

"I opened them and I was stood with my mum and she just started crying with laughter," he said.

"We couldn't believe what I'd been sent, I was baffled - I don't know who would fit these jeans. Probably nobody!"

He's not the first to receive overly long jeans from the online retailer, or something that looks vastly different to the pictures online.

The lesson? Don't rely on wearing them out that night - or get ready to rock those cuffs!