Most dogs love water but some love it more than others (and are better swimmers). Here's our list of pooches that love a splash.

1. Labrador Retriever

This should come as no surprise - Labs are a popular family pet for good reason. But did you know they were originally bred to help fishermen and waterfowl hunters? No wonder they're so comfortable in the water...

2. Poodle
It's a common misconception that Poodles are unintelligent. Not only are they highly intelligent, sociable and energetic, but they're great swimmers too. Similar to Labradors, Poodles were originally bred in Germany as water dogs. Just make sure you give their curly coat a bit of extra care after a swim.


3. Newfoundland
Originating from Canada, this giant breed might be a surprising inclusion on this list because of its enormous size but Newfoundlands are strong, confident swimmers. In fact, Newfoundlands have extraordinary lung capacity for long-distance swimming and have a different swimming stroke to other dogs, making them powerful swimmers.

4. Golden Retriever
Much like the Labrador Retriever, there's no doubt that Goldies love a good swim. In fact, Golden Retrievers have water-resistant topcoats, handy for all kinds of water activities.

5. Portuguese Water Dog
There's a reason this is the favoured breed of President Obama and family: Portuguese Water Dogs are intelligent pets with gorgeous, curly coats (not too dissimilar from our friend the Poodle) and even webbed toes for efficient swimming.