Whether you prefer tomato salsa, creamy guacamole or the classic reduced cream and onion variety, you can't beat a good dip.

A new survey by research company Canstar Blue has rated New Zealand's favourite dips, with the Mediterranean brand scoring top marks for overall satisfaction, taste, texture, and value for money.

Other varieties rated highly by New Zealand snack fans included Delmaine, Lisa's, and The Good Taste Company.

But research reveals that when it comes to dipping, most of us still reach for the potato chips over the healthy veggie sticks.


According to the survey, 69 per cent of New Zealanders prefer their dip with potato chips, compared to 54 per cent who pair the snack with veggies.

The survey, which quizzed almost 1500 adults who had bought and eaten any type of food dip over the last three months, also revealed some regional variations.

People in Northland were the least healthy snackers, with 51 per cent of survey respondents from the region likely to go for the carrot sticks over chips.

Dippers from Taranaki were the most healthy, with 75 per cent saying they would pair their favourite dip with veggies.

When it came to age categories, baby boomers were found to be the least healthy snackers.

According to the survey, 54 per cent of baby boomers paired dip with veggies, compared to 58 per cent of Gen Y and 62 per cent of Gen X respondents.