They say the apple never falls far from the tree, but this terrifying face-swap suggests otherwise.

One woman has superimposed the Queen's face onto Prince George's body and vice-versa using the popular Face Swap app - and the result is rather unnerving.

Using the family portrait released today of Her Majesty posing with her three heirs - Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George - Twitter user Jenny has created a Benjamin Button-esque effect that sees the two-year-old covered in wrinkles while his grandmother has an alarmingly youthful face.

Jenny, from London, said of her masterpiece: 'I can't stop laughing at Demon Prince George,' adding that she thought 'baby Queen' looked cute.


The chilling images prompted a wave of comparisons, likening George's haggard appearance to everyone from Mick Hucknall to Nigel Farage.

Neil Irving compared the tot to journalist Nicholas Witchell, while Mariusz Ciesla likened him to Pulp Fiction actor Steve Buscemi.

One Twitter user said: 'My god, they both look like William Hague,' while another wrote: 'aaargh scrubbing my eyeballs,' while another said: 'It's Nigel Farage.'

The Royal Mail has released this image of the Queen to mark her 90th birthday.
The Royal Mail has released this image of the Queen to mark her 90th birthday.

Tony Blampied tweeted: 'They look like one of Dr Moreau's less successful experiments,' and Jonny Waite wrote: 'Poor baby now looks like an old Mick Hucknall/'

Twitter user Will compared the young Prince to David Bowie, while Graeme Burrell said: 'Ooer! George looks like Jimmy Clitheroe.'

Fellow tweeter John Coughlan wrote: ' makes George looks like a ventriloquist dummy.'

The new image of the royals was released today to mark the Queen's 90th birthday and will be used as a commemorative postage stamp.

Photographer Mackechnie, 55, who took the photo, described the royals as 'amazingly relaxed' and said George's joy and energy was fantastic.

'It's great just to be asked to photograph a stamp, never mind four generations of the royal family. When I was asked about I was ecstatic but I had to keep schtum for 18 months,' he said.

The family are dressed in various shades of blue, with Prince George in the same £59 Rachel Riley shirt and navy corduroys he wore for his first official photograph with Princess Charlotte last June.

While the Queen's birthday falls on 21 April, official celebrations will be held in June.