We've had Nutella lip balm, rapidly ripening avocados, and life hacks galore, but today's weird internet craze involves using your hair straighteners to pop popcorn.

In what is perhaps the most labour-intensive "life hack" to date, a video demonstrating the strange popcorn technique was uploaded to Facebook and has become an internet hit.

Who knew you could pop popcorn in a hair straightener?

Posted by ViralHog on Monday, 18 April 2016

The video, originally uploaded by Viral Hog, has attracted 2.8 million views, 5000 shares, and more than 40,000 comments.

The clip shows one kernel of corn being placed between the hot straighteners, and popping after about 14 seconds.


While some are hailing it as a revelation, others are pointing out how time-consuming it would be to make a whole bowl of the crunchy snack.

"A quick and easy tip, should you suddenly find yourself without access to any kitchen equipment but with hair straighteners and one popcorn kernel," quipped one commenter.

"That's why cinema popcorn is so expensive, that hourly rate," joked another.

If you actually want your popcorn to be ready before Christmas, then it's probably best to stick to using the oven or microwave.