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When I first heard of Annabel Langbein's plan to inspire a pot luck renaissance, I rejoiced. As someone who loves to entertain but loathes the stress of being stuck in the kitchen, I love nothing more than a pot luck meal.

Fortunately, I have a group of friends who feel the same way which makes for fun and relaxed gatherings. Sometimes the meals are planned out weeks in advanced, others are spontaneous and the mix of dishes delightfully random. Either way it's a great way to entertain. For your own potluck, try Annabel's delicious recipes for Huntsman's chicken pie, roasted vegetable platter or gluten-free orange and almond cake.

If you're looking to head out for a meal instead, try Balmoral's new Kiss Kiss, brought to you by the owners of L'oeuf and Chinoiserie, or head to Cibo in Parnell, which Jesse Mulligan left more than impressed.