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When The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell was published in 2000, I hoovered it up. If you haven't read it, it's the idea that there is a particular point in time when an idea, trend or social behaviour reaches a critical threshold and takes off. I've no idea whether it is really true or not, but it's an appealing concept.

What fascinated me most was the idea that there is a certain type of person, who Gladwell calls a "connector", who is far superior than most of us -firstly, at knowing a stack of people and secondly, not being shy about introducing these people to each other. You know, the kind of person who, when you meet them briefly, they notice you have a bung knee, and before you know it they've extracted your email and organised an appointment for you with the best physio in town.

I am not a connector but the woman on our cover this week is, and then some. In the past two decades, Deborah Pead has built up a public relations firm that is regarded as the best in the city, and she's forged a reputation as the woman who can hook you up with just about anyone worth knowing in Auckland. Greg Bruce spent a few days with her to find out how she does it and, at the same time, received a masterclass in persuasion from the expert.