With the end in sight, our bikini body challengers share what they've learned in their almost-12-week fitness ordeal and consider whether or not they'll keep up the good work.



I can't believe we're nearly at the end! Eleven weeks has flown by so fast yet, at times, it's felt so incredibly slow.

Workouts have become less demanding and unbearable; I may even kind of look forward to hitting the gym, despite the odd session I've missed (I have been relatively consistent over these eleven weeks which is something to be proud of). But with people from all over the country tracking our progress, it certainly hasn't been an easy task.


I have to say I would recommend this program to almost anyone. If you take it as it comes, fitting in the weekly three workouts where you can, appropriating your diet and persevering - then this is one workout routine that anyone can do.

That's the good thing about Kayla's guide: almost anyone can do it, almost anywhere. No gym required, no ultra-ridiculous strength required (although you will become so much stronger).

For busy mums, working women, young women or even guys - it's something everyone can give a go.

As we wrap up, my biggest piece of advice is still to listen to your body. Push your limits and challenge yourself with your workouts but don't be afraid to call it a day when you know you should.

Beyond that, I'd say:

• Indulge in the things you want to but be vigilant with the things you are putting into your body - they affect you more than you know.

• Find a workout buddy; it's always easier to struggle with someone else (hey Tina!).

• Don't be afraid to celebrate your successes and let others know too - any motivation is good motivation.

Although it may seem hard at the start, it's definitely worth it in the end.

My results

How I'm feeling:

Happy, nearly there, but boy am I tired!

Favourite workout music:

Anything that makes the workout go faster

Favourite workout:

Walking, because I'm kind of sick of tuck jumps and lunges

Least favourite workout:

Skipping, because I keep tripping (rhyme not intended)


I'm amazed at how little time is left in BBG 1.0. Wasn't it just January yesterday, when we deduced to give this a go? Now it's almost April! WHAT?

In my last post, I was concerned about what I would do after BBG 1.0. Now, I have some action steps and goals.

For one, I'm going to continue buying the Sweat app and pursue the next 12 weeks in the programme. I like the progress I've made in re-shaping my body, but I think it is still a work in progress.

I get inspired by the women on Instagram who have done all the variations of BBG and restarted BBG 1.0 all over again - the transformations are amazing and their stories are quite inspiring. I could easily spend an afternoon going through all the Kayla-related hashtags and read through all the stories.

I wonder what would happen if I stuck with Sweat to the point where eventually, after giving all the 12-week plans a go, I just repeat the first twelve weeks. Would I be able to do all the exercises I currently cannot do? Wait, should I just re-do BBG 1.0 again instead of progressing to 2.0? Decisions, decisions...

I won't be blogging the next 12 weeks of this journey. What will my motivation for working out be then? If I don't have the accountability of an editor, then what?

Then I can set a goal. This week, I signed up to walk 10 kilometres at the Hawke's Bay marathon this May. What better way to stay motivated than to prep for a distance event during a little weekend holiday away to the shore?

Beyond that marathon and the next twelve weeks of BBG, I make no promises as to how long I'll stick with such a fitness regime. Surely my doctors would want me to make this a new lifestyle habit. We will see.

My results

How I'm feeling:

Good. Not superlatively good, but good

What I'm listening to:

The new West Wing Weekly podcast. I'm a Sorkin fan, what can I say?

Favourite exercise:

low-impact cardio

Least favorite exercise:

I don't have one this week