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Yum, yum, yum. From this cleansing Vietnamese beef and cucumber salad, through to a hearty, cheesy bowl of Freiburg market sauerkraut and pasta and spinach and paneer curry dinner is looking good this week.

Come the weekend, a fresh loaf of bread and a scone with homemade jam will have this cook feeling virtuous and yes, that is a couple of feijoas in our green St Patrick's Day fruit pudding. Thanks to Tim at the New Zealand Feijoa Growers Association the Bite kitchen was full of excitement and very fragrant as we baked up a storm for our upcoming issues - scooping many into our mouths along the way. Feijoas are part of at makes autumn my favourite season, as are Bluff oysters, and I've been lucky enough to enjoy the first of them, too, on the terrace at Harbourside while watching Auckland come and go across the Waitemata.

Also in Bite this week, Peter Gordon helps those self-catering, Ray McVinnie makes sauerkraut, and four ways to eat green for St Patrick's Day.