Our challengers are seeing results, and proving they can get through whatever Kayla has to throw at them.

Here's how Tina and Tessa are shaping up as they reach the end of Week 9.


I just did my first high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. I wish all the workouts were like this!

In week 9 of the workout regime prescribed by the Sweat app, interval training was added to the cardio routine alongside slower low-intensity workouts. For 15 minutes, you go hard for 30 seconds (sprinting, biking, whatever you can do, just do it fast) with 30 seconds of slower recovery (walking, easy cycling, just taking it down a notch in general).


For my first HIIT session, I sprinted up and down my block for 15 minutes prior to dinner. Who's that weird girl running back and forth, up and down the street in her sports bra? ME.

(Oh yeah, in another first, I finally felt comfortable working out in public in just a sports bra. Not that I felt like showing off; for me I felt like I could do anything for 15 minutes, including gallavanting up and down my street with an exposed midriff.)

It's a short workout, but I was panting by the fifth minute. This morning, I don't feel sore, just a pleasant tighter tone in my legs.

Now here is something I find interesting: On the Sweat app, when I completed a HIIT workout, all my strength workout options which usually appear (because I haven't done one this week so far) have disappeared. Perhaps a reason for this is because you're supposed to go all out during the high-intensity intervals that your body needs to recover. I don't feel like I need recovery, I also know I'm a glutton for overwhelming myself with workouts. This is probably a blessing in disguise.

If the Sweat app wants me to actively pursue 15-minute workouts, I'd be happy to oblige.

My results

How I'm feeling:

Pleasantly toned

What I'm listening to:

My own panting after sprinting down the block

Favourite exercise:

Anything that's quick

Least favourite exercise:

Strength sessions. They take twice as long as a HIIT session!


More people than ever before have asked me how my #thekaylamovement is going this week. I wonder if it's because I'm approaching Week 10 so most of them expect I've fallen off the bandwagon and can no longer get my butt to the gym (I've come so close, so many times, trust me).

I wouldn't be offended if they did. I mean, it's certainly not something for the faint-hearted and keeping up with it for twelve solid weeks is no mean feat. But yes, I am still here trucking along, attempting not to die and cry as I carry my butt to the gym to get it kicked. Again.

One thing is for sure: I am going to have to make the effort to keep up my exercise and walking because I've just bought a new car - so I know I'm going to be tempted to drive everywhere. Exciting? Yes. Freedom to drive to McDonald's whenever I want? Not quite.

I've promised myself I will continue to walk as much as possible, and attempt to use my car sparingly when it comes to short journeys.

If I can count a LISS session as a walk to meet my friend at a café four kilometres away then I can enter that in as one of my LISS sessions for the week. It's a double win because then I can eat a decent breakfast and "walk it off" rather than driving home in guilt.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. This week I have one session left to complete in order to finish Week Eight - hooray! Abs and cardio is probably my favourite session. For some reason I find abdominal workouts easier to push through than arms or legs. This week I also have evidence of my push up abilities in the above picture of my friend Sam and I with our trainer, Rhys. This was an extra session on top of my Kayla workouts, but it's proof I can actually do a push-up!

My results

How I'm feeling:

Feeling good. Tired. Kinda want this to be over soon.

My workout playlist:

Old school hip-hop, because, why not?

Favourite workout:

Press-ups because I can do 15 in a row without dying

Least favourite workout:

Snap jumps. Yuck!