Reaching the second half of Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide challenge is no mean feat.

While Tina is feeling tougher, she's also feeling clumsier and a little silly as she battled her workout routine in a public park.

And after Tessa spent the weekend on a lingerie shoot, she has a newfound sense of body confidence.


I know I've gotten stronger, but I feel like I've gotten clumsier.


The last leg workout I did started piling on the plyometrics: more sumo jump squats and more jump lunges. These require you to explode up from bent knees and come back down to bent knees.

Do they work to build muscle? Totally. Do I feel like I'm a rag doll or an uncoordinated dork when I do them? Totally. I find it really tough to hop smoothly between lunge positions, landing with a thud and a grunt. Add in the fact that I did my leg workout in a public park, and I now feel self-conscious about my form. I shouldn't care what people think as I do my workouts. But because I don't feel totally in control of my legs when I do these moves, I feel a little silly.

As I did the Week 5 whole body workout yesterday, I had to talk myself through all of the motions of a burpee to complete one towards the end of the set: "OK, Tina, hands on the floor. Good job. Now jump out. Good job. Now jump in. Good job. Now jump up. Good. Do another."

This whole sequence probably takes me 30 seconds. And that's just to do burpees 11-15. Number 14 is particularly bad - so close to finishing, but still one more to go.

But it's all worthwhile. I see more definition in my arms. I might even try to do a pushup on my toes - not my knees - this week. Maybe I might even start to look good while doing a jump lunge soon, expertly and smoothly moving my legs in alternating lunge positions. Eventually I'll look like this one day (I wish):

My results

How I'm feeling:

Out of control. At least my limbs feel out of control

What I'm listening to:

Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio on Pandora

Favourite exercise:

Skipping rope - a nice little burst of cardio during a strength session

Least favourite exercise:

The 14th burpee in a set of 15


This weekend I ran around an empty warehouse in matching black lingerie and heels with eleven other girls. As weird as it sounds, this was for a body confidence campaign for lingerie brand Her Apparel.

The objective is to showcase the fact that women's bodies, much like men's, are all different. It is something I think we need to embrace and note - especially in a time where social media's prevalence means images of the "idealistic body" are constantly in our faces.

What relevance does this have to Week 6 of my #thekaylamovement participation, you may ask? Well, everything.

Here's where I spill the beans:

For the last five years, I've truly hated my body. There wasn't a day that I didn't want to change or "fix" something. We are told our bodies are different - but I don't think it's something you accept until you're older with a bit of life experience.

It's hard, I think, for my generation. We got stuck in the Instagram, #fitspo and 'eating disorder fad' stage. Everything and everywhere you look on social media are images of idealistic and most importantly, unrealistic images of what the 'ultimate' and 'best' body is. This trashed a lot of the confidence we had built up, if we had even built it up.

Don't get me wrong, I love social media - it's my job - but it can also amplify detrimental feelings about body image.

The thing I like about Kayla, as I've noted before, is that she embraces girls' bodies and their progress from her workouts - no matter what shape or size they are.

She's not saying "You will get a body exactly like this if you just follow this program for 12 weeks". No, she says that everyone's bodies will react differently.

Everyone's results will be different. I think part of the Kayla Movement's success is because the approach goes beyond physical endeavours. Yes, she can help you become fitter and healthier but she also shares positive messages, and has an attitude of support and kindness within her programme.

So when it came to running around in my underwear last Saturday I felt good. Sure, it's because I've toned up, lost four kilograms and I feel fitter than I have in a long time. But it's also because I've come to understand the idea that each body is different. I couldn't be a healthy size six with no hips and pins for legs. Doing the Kayla programme has helped me to understand that more and more.

I have hips, a butt and boobs. I've learnt to embrace them rather than hate them.

So here I am, ready to hit week six. Bring on those jump lunges, these pins are ready to get even more toned.

My results

How I'm feeling:

I've lost four kilograms and I'm feeling good about it. Obviously... I posed in underwear

Workout music:

Pillow Talk by Zayn Malik (Still obsessed) for LISS sessions and Jumpman by Drake for HIIT sessions (again, still obsessed)

Favourite exercise:

Push ups, because I'm getting way better and feel bulk

Least favourite exercise:

Step ups, feels pointless but hurts at the same time