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Gemtree Bloodstone Shiraz 2013

This certified organic shiraz from the McLaren Vale has the most intense aroma of roasting pan juices, rosemary, white pepper and sandalwood. It's a rich, gamey, super-spicy, lucky country shiraz that'll soothe the throat, clear the nose, warm the cockles and shiver the timbers. Plus you'll get a case of the warm fuzzies knowing that your dollars have gone toward protecting the native frogs, birds and wildlife now languidly lurking in the restored Gemtree wetlands and eco-trail.




&Co The Supernatural 2014
Far from gory or ghostly, this outrageously good sauvignon blanc is golden and glorious in the glass. Organically farmed on a chalky, east-facing site overlooking Hawkes Bay's Clifton coast, this is a style far removed from what's normally considered "classic" Kiwi sauvignon blanc. Think richly scented lemongrass, roast peach, guava and almond meal and you'll be on the right track. I love the rich, textural layers of juicy green fruits, soft herb and fennel and flinty, mineral-driven complexity. The crown seal does make it difficult to save any leftover wine for another day, however. Leftover wine?
Price: $36

Alta Mora Etna Rosso 2013
Hands up if you've ever heard of nerello mascalese grapes. (Not a hand in sight?) Well, this wine is made from 100 per cent nerello mascalese grapes, indigenous to Sicily and the predominant red of Mt Etna. Take that to your next pub quiz. Sometimes compared to pinot noir or nebbiolo, it has a similar earthy-magenta colour. I like the lifted spices, dried herb and blackcurrant leaf characters and its tangy, fresh finish.
Price: $42