You may have heard of cat yoga, but would you attend your next downward dog session with a group of bunnies hopping around the studio?

That's exactly what one yoga class is offering, as a way to combat their town's rabbit population problem.

Sunberry Fitness in British Columbia joined forces with charity Bandaid for Bunnies and created bunny yoga in a bid to help find homes for rescued rabbits.

Fitness centre owner Julia Zu said the reaction from yoga-goers has been positive.


""People really enjoy it," Zu told Canadian Metro. "A lot of them can't have pets at home because some apartments don't allow pets, so it's a way for them to be close to animals."

Bandaid's Bunny representative Janet Keating said the classes, first trialled last November, have encouraged "a lot of interest in adoptions and fosters".

With more classes planned for Easter time, over $NZ1100 has been raised for the charity.