What would you do if your partner celebrated your birthday with a trip to McDonald's?

Following a tweet suggesting taking "bae" to Macca's for her birthday, the Twittersphere has erupted with hilarious retorts, slamming the idea from the fast food giant.

One user tweeted that they would break up with someone if they were presented with this as a birthday gift, and would prefer they were given nothing.

Similarly, another noted their wife would surely divorce them if they bought her McDonald's on her birthday, asking of the tweet, "is this serious?".


Dishing some dating advice back at the restaurant chain, @Papufu tweeted: "@McDonalds if it's her birthday and all she gets is a $2 meal I don't think she'll be your bae for long."

While @bernrandy quipped: "@McDonald's why would I want to get my lover chunks of dead horse and sadness for her birthday? Il (sic) get her sushi or some other good sh*t."

Others took a sarcastic approach to the idea, stating: "I live for fancy dates like that." and: "@McDonalds hold on, that's wayyyyy too fancy".

@McDonald's responded to some of the retorts, although seemed to miss their sarcarstic tone.

- nzherald.co.nz