It's that tough time of year when we want to look great for summer, but find ourselves with an influx of social events focused around food and drink.

Findings from a new study reveal just how much exercise is required to burn off that summer barbecue beer or late night Big Mac after the work Christmas do.

Released by UK loan website, the findings show the amount of time in the gym estimated for men and women after consuming various snacks.

Despite a McDonald's Big Mac containing over a quarter of your recommended daily allowance for calories, 42 minutes of cardio by the average man would burn it off.


By far the worst was a slice of chocolate cake, which contained a whopping 1,710 calories and 90 grams of fat and would take four hours of weightlifting to get rid of.

A regular can of coke comes with over 15 minutes of weight lifting to burn off.

And when it comes to alcohol, every pint of beer is estimated to take 25 minutes on a treadmill to cancel out.