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Thursday Sep 3, 2015

Deciding on a colour for a child's bedroom can be a challenge for many parents as they bicker over whether yellow is gender neutral, or if they should stick to traditional pink or blue.

But one father, from the US, was in luck when a complete stranger offered him interior decorating advice after texted the wrong number by accident.

And realising he had messaged someone with great taste, this dad, who hasn't been identified, continued to press for more advice about the best shade for his three-year-old's room.

The exchange began after the angry dad expressed irritation that he was being told he couldn't paint his little girls' room in the hue he wanted.


Hell bent on painting his little girl's room blue, he texted a friend to vent his frustration after his daughter's mother said his favoured colour wasn't right for a girl's room.

The thread of texts has since been shared on Imgur by an unknown user.

In initial message he writes to a companion: "D tryna tell me I can't paint Tamiya's room blue cuz she's a girl. F*** this."

The stranger then responds: "Wrong number but hell yeah. Paint that girl's room blue."

After apologising to the recipient the dad then takes the opportunity to ask the benevolent stranger for some interior decorating tips. "Hey can I ask a real quick? You think turquoise or that periwinkle for a 3yr old?"

They respond: "I think more a toned down turquoise. Not too loud, because bedrooms are supposed to be chill, you know?"

The father then goes as far to send the receiver a colour swatch asking their opinion on the shade of blue.

They remark: "That's pretty. It could be a little dark though, depending on the size of room and furniture."

To which he responds: "Room's okay size. There's a big window on one wall and just got her some white furniture. The kind that looks woven together."

This is a red flag to the interiors-minded stranger who asks, "wicker?"

The dad replies that it is and it's going to get dusty, but his anonymous correspondent replies, "Probably but it's cute."

The stranger suggests a certain colour way: "I'd do the colour you picked on the wall across from the window and maybe a lighter colour on the other three walls?"

The father agrees with the suggestion adding: "My baby girl's gonna have her blue room and it's gonna look tight as hell.

"Yo thanks for your help. Sorry for keeping you up."

The stranger finishes the conversation: "No problem! I hope everything goes well. Night!"

The amusing exchange has since been shared across several social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

"You think like turquoise or that periwinkle?" Dad's amusing exchange with a stranger about paint for his daughter's room takes the internet by storm.

Posted by Herald Life on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

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