The men of Tinder are often accused of being less than picky with their swiping.

But one man named Solomon opted for a different tactic, sending potential dates a seven-stage questionnaire to qualify for his company.

After speaking to Reddit user Coppelia Coppelius on the dating app, he sent over his survey for her to fill out, with questions ranging from relatively normal to the total bizarre query as to whether she was a "curious cat" or a "dreamy eyes sloth-face".

The long questionnaire was painstakingly crafted on a Google document and we can't deny he was committed to the cause.


But an amused Coppeliacoppelius then posted the questionnaire online, asking others to answer the quiz and encouraging them to fill it out as a "sheep, prostitute or ghost" to troll Solomon.

Starting with the basics, the pompous suitor asks the prospective "Tinderellas" to fill in their name and nickname.

It is suggested as a chance to really impress Solomon straight away, with witty nicknames being listed as mandatory.

Then the interrogation really begins, with the important question of how to describe yourself.

Solomon writes: "Imagine being a grandmother ghost who looks back in time and sees the present you."

If that idea isn't terrifying enough, the options are even worse.

You can choose from a wide selection including, "goddess youthful beauty,"
"playful kitten," "curious cat" or "dreamy eyes slothface."

Then it's on to your work and interests where Solomon has created a keyword search to find the woman of his dreams.


Solomon advises answering in decreasing order of importance.

The potential suitor is clearly after a well-read woman and asks how often you pick up a book.

He also asks more questions about his potential girl's cultural side, with detailed questions on movies and musical skills.

Then it's on to the serious answers.

Solomon writes: "How many people have you met through dating services?"

Not only is he looking for a run-through of the potential date's history he wants to know how many have been disasters.

Assuming they make it past that stage without including the questionnaire, the next question is your bosses review of your personality.

According to Solomon, you can be a "dodgy wanderer" or a "goal driven, smart creative."

Then the final round is the ultimate deal breaker - asking potential girls if they would like to meet him. Sadly, it appears the quiz had now been made inactive.

And if you still would after filling in that survey, you must be exactly who he's looking for.