Auckland revellers intent on staying out until 6am will have a new nightclub to go to this weekend - but the catch is, it doesn't serve alcohol.

It is understood Tap Bar, that stands for The After Party, will be the first "dry bar" in the country when it opens its doors on Karangahape Rd at midnight on Friday.

Co-owner Grady Elliot said the idea came about as a response to Auckland Council's new alcohol rules that will firm up restrictions on liquor licensing and bar closing times.

"Everything is tightening up, so this is a roundabout way of being able to stay out later than the current system where the whole city is shutting down at 4am. A lot of people don't want to go home then, so if they are coming down off their party night and want to keep partying they can carry it on."


As the bar does not require a liquor licence and is within the correct zoning for nightclubs, there is no limit to the hours it can operate.

Non-alcoholic bars and clubs were emerging internationally, with establishments in London, New York and Sweden tipped as "the next big thing" by overseas media.

Mr Elliot said the bar would still be R18 and would run as a trial initially.

"We are getting mixed reactions, a lot of people are saying it sounds good and a lot of people are saying, 'What are you thinking?' But we think it is worth a punt."

Mr Elliot had met with police and Auckland Council to discuss issues, including host responsibility, noise and patrons spilling on to the street. Auckland City Police district prevention manager Gary Davey said police "applauded" the fact the business did not sell alcohol, but "there is potential for issues to arise if the venture is not managed correctly".

"The venture is likely to attract patrons that have been drinking, or are intoxicated, and there is also potential for alcohol and drugs to be smuggled into the premises."

Mr Elliot said in lieu of alcohol sales, there will be door charges of up to $15 and drink prices will start from $5.

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Will New Zealand's first alcohol-free bar survive?

Posted by Herald Life on Wednesday, July 1, 2015