Golf teenage sensation Lydia Ko says travel is a big part of being a professional golfer and was thrilled to find a New Zealand product that can help her "arrive ready" for competitions.

Last night, the 17-year-old Kiwi golf prodigy ranked number one in the world, signed a new sponsorship deal with Kiwi-born flight drink 1Above.

"When I used to live here in Auckland, I think that was when I did the longest travels. It could take me 24 hours just to London," she said.

"I guess it's a little better now that I'm playing within the States, and the travels are a little shorter, but even domestic flights ... can be five or six hours."


Ms Ko said she enjoyed travelling, but jetlag can affect how she plays the game.

"It doesn't matter whether it's business or economy or whatever, I enjoy it but at the same time my body definitely felt fatigue," she said.

"I need a day to get my body together, maybe going to the gym to kind of freshen up and to get my mind in the right time zone. I kind of need that couple of days just to get used to the time change and the jetlag."

Ms Ko said she was excited to have the support of 1Above.

"I haven't really taken it for a long-haul flight before but I've seen some of the results and everything that comes with it and I have heard great things," she said.

1Above contains Pycnogenol. Its makers say the natural pine bark extract is a key active ingredient in reducing the severity and length of jetlag.

"Lydia's representing New Zealand on the world stage every week and making us all very proud of her," said 1Above chief executive Stephen Smith.

The Herald flew to Christchurch to interview Lydia Ko courtesy of 1Above.