Kim Dotcom's estranged wife Mona celebrated her birthday dog-sledding with the Megaupload founder and their children yesterday.

The 26-year-old joined her husband, who she split from in May, in Queenstown last week.

Dotcom has posted a handful of pictures of the mother of his five children during their trip, including one yesterday of her holding a husky.

He tweeted: "Happy birthday Mona Dotcom. May you find eternal happiness. Good luck!"


Another photo showed Mrs Dotcom standing in front of a helicopter with three of their children and two dogs, writing: "Mona with the Dots and Husky puppies after birthday dog sledding in #Queenstown".

On Monday, he tweeted a picture of him and Mona with two of their children making cupcakes.

The couple had not been seen together since before their separation when Mrs Dotcom fled from her husband's mansion in a golf cart.