Address: 139 Carlton Gore Rd, Newmarket
Herald Rating:

The menu

covered all the basics (toast, eggs, porridge, muesli), had lots of lunch-sounding suggestions (harissa chicken with couscous, greek salad and bruschetta) and threw in a few of Nana's favourites like corned beef hashcakes and devilled kidneys. While interesting, it was all reasonably pricey for standard fare.

The look was commercial, sitting on this urban street of Newmarket. It was a big, sunny space.

We ordered green eggs and ham ($17.50). The menu promised glazed ham, which had my belly rumbling for thickly sliced, fresh-off-the-bone, Christmas-style offerings. Instead, I got a pile of pre-packaged sandwich ham, warmed up. My dining companion picked the savoury mince with turkish toast and a fried egg ($18). His egg, like my scramble, was overcooked and rubbery. The mince lacked punch. The best thing we ate that morning was the side of four slices of squeaky, salty, haloumi ($5).


The coffee was fine, although my friend thought his flat white wasn't hot enough.

The service was at the counter only, which tends to dampen any experience for me. With the sky-high prices at Urban we felt that table service was the least they could do.

Overall, perhaps this is the kind of place for a takeaway coffee and some cabinet food.

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