David Bain's new bride vowed to do the washing up if he did the cooking.

And the newly married man swung into his domestic duties yesterday - cooking up a post-wedding barbecue at his new in-laws' house.

Bain and Liz Davies tied the knot in a private ceremony in front of 80 close friends and family at a Christchurch vineyard on Friday.

David Bain has married Liz Davies at a ceremony outside Christchurch.

After their big day, Bain, 40, was out and about yesterday getting ready to entertain guests at his new wife's parents home.


Several carloads of people arrived at the Casebrook house to celebrate with the newlyweds before they jetted off on their honeymoon, believed to be somewhere in the North Island.

There was no answer at the door when the Herald on Sunday visited yesterday.

Bain and the Christchurch primary school teacher met more than 10 years ago. The pair created their own vows, which included jokes about promising to wash the dishes and weed the garden.

Bain was convicted in 1995 of murdering his parents and three siblings and spent 13 years in jail before he was acquitted in a 2009 retrial. When the couple became engaged in September 2012, Davies' mother Carolyn said she was delighted to welcome Bain to the family.