Gussying up the eaves is Greig Morgan's first spring job.

Hanging baskets can brighten up all manner of zones around the house, transforming a plain outlook into something much more picturesque - and useful if the plants in them are peas or cherry tomatoes. So what are you waiting for? Build yourself a handful of these pretty hanging baskets and get growing.

Step 1

Start by measuring the size of the pots and saucers that your plant baskets will house, then cut the bottom pieces to suit, allowing enough room for easy removal. You may also need to rip down a length of decking to keep the basket shapes square.

Step 2


Measure and mark with the aid of a square on the 25x25mm beading at the same measurement as your bottom pieces. Now cut enough pieces to suit the height of the pot when stacked in two on two formations.

Step 3

Place the beading flush and across the bottom pieces and fix through the bottom with screws into the beading.

Step 4

Now place two pieces of the beading in opposite directions to the previous and flush with the outer edges, fix down with galvanised nails, and keep on repeating across in the opposite, as before, until you have reached the desired height.

Step 5

With the basket assembled, measure and cut four pieces of wire to a suitable length and wrap and tie the wire in each corner of the basket with a pair of pliers. Now wrap the top four pieces of wire together and tie off in a loop.

Place the potted plant in the basket and there you have it, nice and simple.


Sanding and painting the components before assembling is a far less messy option than painting the baskets after they're assembled.