Dame Alison tops poll for most-preferred New Year's Day cook.

An everyday kind of meal may be what many people around the country would like for New Year's dinner.

Longtime favourite television cook and food writer Dame Alison Holst is the person most Kiwis would like to have in their kitchen tomorrow, a poll shows.

A Herald-DigiPoll survey asked participants which Kiwi chef they would most like to cook their New Year's dinner.

The choices given were Al Brown, Simon Gault, Dame Alison or Peter Gordon.


The majority of people voted for Dame Alison to be in the kitchen on the big day, with a total of 32.8 per cent voting for her.

Dame Alison, whose cooking programme first aired on television in 1965, has long been known for her philosophy on everyday food and recipes for Kiwi families.

She was the overwhelming favourite among those aged 65-plus, with 48.6 per cent of people in that age group voting in her favour.

Among those aged 18 to 39, however, Dame Alison was the second choice - behind renowned chef Peter Gordon - but she was again the number one choice for those aged between 40 to 64.

Gordon came in overall second place, but was the chef most people aged between the 18 to 39 bracket wanted to cook their dinner.

Twenty-two per cent of people wanted Wellington chef Al Brown - co-owner of popular Logan Brown Restaurant & Bar - to be in the kitchen come New Year's Day.

Celebrity MasterChef and Euro owner Simon Gault was the least favourite to cook New Year's dinner, with 15.3 per cent of people choosing him.

Favourite cook
Dame Alison Holst: 32.8 per cent
Peter Gordon: 22.5 per cent
Al Brown: 22 per cent
Simon Gault: 15.3 per cent
None of the above: 2.6 per cent
Don't know/ refused: 4.8 per cent.