Frances and John are the early favourite names for Prince William and Catherine's first born, according to one UK bookmaker.

Chardonnay and Waynetta, however, are considered less likely.

Bookmaker William Hill is offering 9/1 odds the royal couple's first born will be named Francis or John, while Charles, George, and Victoria are not far behind with 10/1 odds.

Those who think the prince's late mother could inspire the baby's name should pop a few quid on Diana or Spencer at 12/1 odds, or perhaps the baby will be named after his/her parents, with William at 16/1 and Catherine/Kate at 20/1.


At the other end of the scale, Chardonnay and Waynetta are 1000/1 odds.

Punters can also place a bet on what day of the week the baby will be born, whether the baby will be a boy of a girl (or twins at 20/1), how much the baby will weigh and what colour their hair will be (6/4 odds on brown hair, 5/2 on black, 2/1 the baby will be blonde and 8/1 odds on ginger hair).