Doughnuts: delightful, delicious, decadent. As Homer Simpson likes to say, "Doughnuts, is there anything they can't do?" And while you can't live by doughnuts alone, it sure is fun trying.

1. The Serbian Church Bake Sale

315 Pt Chevalier Rd, first Saturday of each month, 9am-12pm. Whether lightly dusted with sugar or au naturel, these doughnuts will make you break all the rules of your diet and not care. So pop July 7 in your diary now.

2. The Salvation Kitchen


1843 Great North Rd, Avondale. Ph 828 1844. The doughnuts here have the distinction of having been singled out by Metro magazine as being one of the 10 things you must try before you die.

3. Little and Friday

12 Melrose St, Newmarket, 524 8742 or 43c Eversleigh Rd, Belmont, 489 8527. Two great locations, and whichever you visit you'll find out why the customers rave about the doughnuts.