In a bit of a jam

Onion jam is a fridge staple. The onions are simmered so slowly, on low heat, that they become a dark caramel brown. Some cooks add brown sugar, others a dash of good balsamic or red wine, some add mustard seeds. Perfect with roast beef, on a burger or with cheese and crusty bread.

Argy bhaji
For a simplified version of the Indian bhaji, add three sliced onions to a batter of 2 eggs, 120g flour, 1/2 tsp each of ground coriander and cumin seeds and deep fry. Other versions use tsp baking powder to 100g chickpea flour, blended with water, tumeric, chilli and cumin powder, even chopped fresh chilli and coriander.

What a tart
Pile caramelised onions in a short pastry case, top with crumbled goat or cow feta and thyme to taste; bake till golden. Turn it into a quiche with 1/2 cup cream, three eggs and a pinch of nutmeg.