Are you joshing me?

For a fast, cheat's version of Rogan Josh, brown cubed lamb, add the curry paste, some tomato paste, stock (or lager for the British post-pub version) and simmer for an hour or two until lamb is melting-soft. Or add ginger or onion, and simmer in unsweetened yoghurt.

Malay play
Saute green curry paste in a wok, then add cubed beef and brown. Pour in coconut milk and simmer for 25 minutes until the beef is tender. Add chopped capsicum and basil leaves and serve on rice.

Not the raw prawn
Add a couple of teaspoons red curry paste to a marinade of a tablespoon each of soy sauce, mustard and brown sugar and juice of one lemon (minced garlic if you like). Marinade prawns, barbecue and serve with the sauce, simmered until thick.