Herald Rating: 4/5
Address: 44 Portage Rd, New Lynn

We came here because

we're fans of Kohu Road icecream and news that they had opened a creamery and cafe was too good to ignore.

Parking was in the cafe's carpark or on the road outside.

We walked in and immediately thought wow, what a great space. It's an old factory warehouse which has been converted into a very spacious cafe with plenty of seating and - the best part - an old caravan has been parked in one corner for the kids to play in. They can watch DVDs in there while you enjoy brunch or an icecream.


The most unusual thing on the menu is the cakes come with a scoop of your favourite Kohu Road icecream; a very indulgent treat. There's always the cheese scone too - not your standard of course, this comes warmed with a thick slice of cheese freshly melted on top. Yum.

We ordered bacon and scrambled eggs with a side of homemade baked beans; and scrambled eggs on toast with grilled mushrooms. The eggs were extremely tasty and served on nice thick slices of bread. It's a very short, fairly basic menu but the food is good.

The coffee was excellent - especially if you like it on the strong side.

The service was terrific. The staff are happy, very welcoming and keen to help.

We recommend if you come here you don't leave without heading to the icecream bar. It has all the Kohu Road flavours (including our favourite, golden syrup) by the cone or tub. You can even order them in a thickshake or spider.

Overall we thought it's a gem. Great coffee and icecream, and the caravan for the kids receives top marks. This is a very welcome addition to the West Auckland cafe scene.