A Reporoa woman who had been too busy working to answer her phone to learn of her good fortune broke down in tears when she realised she had just won an Australian lottery.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, struck the jackpot with the Returned & Services Art Union's top prize - a $2.1 million home and $50,000 in gold.

RSL general manager Luke Traini said the woman called yesterday morning and said: "I think I have the matching ticket of the winner."

"You have me in tears, I'm so sorry," she said.


The woman said her brother was an ex-soldier, who had sent her some tickets some years ago.

Wanting to support the Queensland RSL charitable organisation which raises funds for returned servicemen, women and their families, she kept buying tickets each month.

"I always wondered what it would feel like to win but all I can do is cry," she said.

RSL lottery organisers went public in their search for the woman after they called her home more than 20 times but got no answer after the November 17 draw.

They could not leave a message on her phone because there were two names on her voicemail.

The woman who is understood to be elderly and living on a Reporoa dairy farm said she had been busy working long hours and hadn't been home to answer the phone.

Owner of the local pub The Woolshed Tavern Ian Reynolds said most of the town still had no idea who the woman was.

"But we are absolutely intrigued and would love to find out," he said.

Mr Trani said she seemed like a "very humble and caring person".

"Our challenge now is handing the prize over and trying to get passports organised as she has not travelled before and she still wants to continue her busy work schedule."