God bless gaga ... fashion as fantasy swooped down from outer space like an alien invasion on day three of a subdued Fashion Week.

Sure we in the audience at Matchi Motchi were wondering what had struck when silver-suited creatures emerged from a little known label, followed by a giant tulle bubble of a dress.

But come the final soundtrack of Lady Gaga singing Poker Face some were smiling rather than sitting in silent shock.

This wasn't a serious showing of what anyone except perhaps the aforementioned singer will be wearing come winter 2011, but it was seriously entertaining.

Designer Mingwei Lei said backstage afterward that as a Fashion Week first-timer: "We wanted to do something a little bit different."


The theme was "made in space", explaining the bizarre costumes which were padded and quilted with horn-like protrusions.

Leather-look hoops looped out from the sides of garments with giant rolled collars.

A silver jacket featured a zipped-on backpack and trousers a bumpack, perhaps for carry on provisions on that trip across the universe.

Asked what it was all in aid of, Mingwei said: "We want to get more attention."

Why not, when this year most shows have been safe and - truth to tell - a little dull.

For those wondering if the 31-year-old designer is serious about a career in fashion rather than costume design, he does produce a commercial range and has credible outlets in New Zealand and Australia.

With experience working for knitwear label Sabatini, the Massey University design graduate not surprisingly features plenty of knits in his real range and also uses bamboo fabric.

Signs of his day job were apparent in some drapey knits, including a fine dip-dyed green sweater and a short-sleeved cabled top that wouldn't scare the earthlings.