Big girls go goth summed up the darker, more directional mood at The Carpenter's Daughter.

Plus-sized models in mainly black layers strode out confidently wearing dark cherry lipstick.

They were cast from a public call up and for model Abbie Martin this was a chance to follow in the family footsteps - her brother Zach Vickers works the runways of Europe.

This show was a real progression for The Carpenter's Daughter, which in the past has relied on selling colourful layering pieces, rather than making a strong design statement.


Big, loud and proud is one thing, this added another in more of-the-moment pieces, reflecting the darker mood of mainstream winter ranges.

The look was hardly funereal, however, with lots of lace, floaty fabrics and brocades and velvets softening the overall effect.

A little white, dove grey and lavender and shots of ruby red stood out strongly against the dark as did a leopard jacket and faux fur full-length coat for women confident that style doesn't come only in sample size.