Key Points:

Auckland film-maker Roseanne Liang has won the Best Director For a Documentary Award at the Asian First Film Festival in Singapore.

The festival celebrates excellence for first-time producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, actors and documentary makers from the Asian region.

Liang's 55-minute documentary, Banana in a Nutshell, is about her falling in love with a Pakeha New Zealander and getting her parents to accept their relationship. Liang was born in New Zealand to Chinese parents. She graduated from Auckland University with a masters degree in screen writing and directing.

Banana in a Nutshell has also been awarded best documentary in the medium-length category at the NZ International Documentary Festival, and was a finalist in the AirNZ Screen Awards category for Best Digital Feature. Liang was the recipient of the SPADA New Film-maker of the Year Award last year.