Baubre Murray, from Waikanae, has written a book about helping people improve their financial situation.

The book is called Stop Worrying About Money: A simple guide to creating a financially sustainable future for you and your family.

Baubre is a chartered accountant who had owned her accounting practice for 15 years before selling it to pursue other projects.

During her time at the practice various clients had suggested she write down information she had been talking about over the years.


With a lot of financial books available, she didn't think there was a need for another one.

But her interest was piqued especially as she felt she could help bridge the gap for people looking at the often daunting financial landscape.

Recognising people had different financial personalities and risk profiles she felt she could write a book for people to "pick a path that will work for you".

Once someone understood their financial personality, they could determine how much money they needed, identify where are they were now on the financial journey and what was the best way to get to their financial destination.

So instead of writing generally, she wanted to give specifics, to give people a fuller understanding of their finances and things to be aware of.

"It's basically sharing what I've learnt from being a chartered accountant in practice over nearly 30 years and so of the assumptions you might have about who might do well, or be successful financially, isn't necessarily how it works out.

"That's why I've talked about examples, and what I've tried to nut out is what works, and then I've written down in a plan.

"A lot of books talk in generalities and I wanted to give specifics."


The book took on a greater meaning, especially after lockdown, with the $1.4 billion moved from KiwiSaver schemes which could mean significant losses for people if simple changes weren't made.

There were a lot of financial books focusing on specialist areas, but her book has "tried to bring it all together into one place".

"I don't think there's any rocket science in here but it's about bringing a whole lot of strands together.

"And it's a very practical book, so it's not based on theory, it's what I've seen in real life. I've tried to make it really useful for readers."

The front cover of Baubre Murray's book. Photo / David Haxton
The front cover of Baubre Murray's book. Photo / David Haxton

Anyone in the developed world can become financially secure and lead a financially sustainable life, she said.

"Becoming financially secure and sustainable is not a mystery, although working your way through the minefield of information out there can be baffling and scary.


"This book shows you how you can do it yourself, how you can create a set of habits and actions that are achievable and become part of your life."

She's split the ideas into three parts.

Part one covers what people can do straight away as well as 16 fundamental actions.

Part two considers what makes you different from others and then explains how to create a financial strategy that will work for you.

And part three summarises everything with examples of steps financially sustainable people have taken, and then provides options for particular life ages/stages.

Baubre was "chuffed" with the book.


"I pick it up and find it easy to read.

"I've had lots of people test it and particularly the millennials.

"I've got three children in their 20s and they kept challenging me about how to make it relevant to their generation.

"But even if you tell me that you're 60 and say 'it's too late for me' I will always say 'no it's not — there's a whole bunch of things you can do'."

Her book wasn't a money making venture, it was about helping others and the "whole financial literacy thing too".

"Anything I can do to help that."


The book, costing $29.95, is available at Unity Books, in Wellington, as well as PaperPlus stores nationwide.

Baubre will be at PaperPlus Coastlands on Saturday from 2pm to answer any questions and sign copies of the book.