I have a favour to ask, not for me, but for a fellow rugby fan. But first the story.

Back in June I wrote how I'd taken a son and three of his mates to the Hurricanes match against the Crusaders at the newly renamed Sky Stadium in Wellington.

Last Saturday night I took the same lads to see the Hurricanes take on the in-form Blues. An exciting match made even better by the sweet taste of victory.

The crowd had grown in numbers from the June game. In the last few minutes, with the scoreboard even, and the Hurricanes driving a maul towards their tryline, I reckon the crowd roar was the extra bit of energy they needed to close in for a match winning try.


After the match the fans were allowed to go down on to the grass to congratulate the players, get autographs and selfies. I've never even known that. That was a super cool thing to get to do - thanks to the stadium for letting us do that.

Thousands were down there, and a huge thank you to the players who all stayed, despite having given everything in the game, they were so gracious to meet and greet their fans.

The four lads with me were racing around to see them all. One of them, Jayaiah plays No 14 for Otaki's Rahui Rugby Club Under 15s, and he'd bought last year's size 11 boots (that he's now grown out of) in the hope of getting a signature.

Well, with his winger's wheels he was able to tear around the spread-out players surrounded by the respective fan scrums, and he managed to get all but one signature. Man is he stoked.

The only signature missing is Jordie Barrett's, as Jordie had to zip off straight after the game to get his bleeding ear stitched - definitely a priority.

So the favour I'm asking? Is there anyone out there who can help me get that last and notable signature on to Jayaiah's boot please - he has a clear spot on the tip of the right boot's toe - how apt.

For signature hunting help, and any help for Wellington Regional Council stuff too, please email me on penny.gaylor@gw.govt.nz