A Waikanae woman who suffered a nasty fall in Paraparaumu has a message to the people who came to her aid.

"I would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to the women who helped me in the carpark," Elaine Cotton said.

Elaine, 84, had driven to Paraparaumu on Tuesday late morning last week to buy a book for a friend from PaperPlus Coastlands.

But when she got out of her car she stood on her shoelace and "went straight down and crashed onto the hard concrete".


Elaine couldn't get up and blood was coming out of her head.

"And then this wonderful lady, who works for Access Community Health, came.

"I have a feeling her name was Bev, but I was a bit knocked around.

"But she was wonderful.

"She immediately said 'don't move', cradled my head, then two other women came who were off-duty nurses from Team Medical.

"They had called for an ambulance but I didn't want it.

"I said I would like to go across to Team Medical which I was parked by."

Elaine was carefully lifted into a wheelchair and taken to the medical centre where she was seen by Dr Andrew Deans and his nurse Shelly.


"They were brilliant and kind because I was so upset."

She sustained head injuries as well as a knee injury.

Elaine was thankful she didn't break any bones especially as "concrete is so unforgiving".

Despite the accident, which was traumatic, the help she received had helped lift her spirits.

"I couldn't speak highly enough of the help I received from strangers.

"It was so full of empathy and love. It was wonderful."