From small businesses to charities, both have been doing it hard over the last few months, but the astounding support continues with one small business choosing to give back in a unique way.

How many doughnuts do you think you could eat in 20 minutes? That is the challenge The Remedy have set with their Doughs For Good doughnut eating competition this Saturday with the winner walking away with $1000 for a pre-chosen charity of their choice.

Posting on their social media pages asking for competitors, five people have been chosen by The Remedy to compete in the doughnut eating competition.

"In no way did we expect to receive so much support from the community in a post-lockdown world," The Remedy manager Taylor Finderup said.

The Remedy manager Taylor Finderup.
The Remedy manager Taylor Finderup.

"Every small business was so nervous about the unexpected and what it would look like coming back after lockdown and we were absolutely blown away by support from the community coming through.

"It was overwhelming and we wanted to give thanks."

The idea to hold a doughnut eating competition came in level two when a lady came in ordering six doughnuts all for herself.

"She said, 'I'm not sharing them, they're all for me'.

"After she left we all stood there wondering how she could eat all six doughnuts by herself.

"It got us thinking how many doughnuts could you actually eat?

"We decided to test that idea and make it a cool little community event and give some money away to a really cool organisation.

"You can put things on special and do individual giveaways on social media but they will usually only benefit one or two people.

How many doughnuts could you eat in 20 minutes?
How many doughnuts could you eat in 20 minutes?

"We wanted to find a way that we could reach the wider community, so the idea is that if we could find an organisation there might be a wider impact from that $1000 than if we did a random giveaway."

The five competitors selected to compete are James Currie for Wellington Free Ambulance, Nat Stevens for Kapiti Youth Support, Dean Richardson for Life Flight, Richard Calkin for The Shed Project and Alex Dean for Moasic.

"We chose organisations that we thought would impact the wider community the most, and to make sure we represented a variety of causes."

Taylor said while none of the staff 'can even fathom eating more than four doughnuts' at a time, they will prepare a whopping 60 doughnuts per competitor.

All doughnuts will be Boss Doughs with the works - a vanilla cream, icing sugar powder, complete with confetti on top making for a colourful 20 minutes.

Rules are yet to be locked in but will most likely allow competitors to have water and include a 'throw-up and you're out' rule.

The competition takes place at 3pm tomorrow (Saturday, June 27) at The Remedy, 109 Rimu Rd, supporters are welcome to cheer on their competitor and support the five organisations.