Weekly column by Kāpiti's Greater Wellington Regional Council representative Penny Gaylor.

On Sunday I did what thousands of other Wellingtonians did - I went to the Sky Stadium to support our local rugby team the Hurricanes take on the Crusaders in the newly shaped post lockdown rugby competition.

Some of my fellow Greater Wellington Regional Council councillors and myself organised to go to the game with our families.

I took a son and he gathered up three of his mates for a much needed adventure to the city.


I think we were all excited to be out and about and in amongst the buzz of a live game, in amongst like-minded rugby fans.

As my photo shows, the crowds came out, the vibe was positive and friendly.

Rugby time at Sky Stadium.
Rugby time at Sky Stadium.

A bonus for the fans were the free posters, and flags, and even getting their photo taken together and then given the polaroids as a memento of their experience.

All of my companions are now back in to their own local sports as well, though both their football and rugby competitions are being played in a new format post-lockdown.

But it's just so awesome that they are back playing the sports they love with their mates, and able to get go with their mates to watch our elite athletes compete at the newly renamed Sky Stadium.

When I took this photo, as you can see on the scoreboard, we were 25-all, unfortunately that wasn't the final score, as the Crusaders responded and put on 14 points uncontested points.

But as they say, rugby was the winner, us fans were certainly the winner, and given Wellington Regional Council is a major shareholder in the stadium, I'd note that the stadium was also stoked given the huge financial hit they have taken this year because of Covid-19.

If the stadium needs a cash injection to get them through the next financial year because of the heavy losses, GWRC has agreed to provide a loan to ensure the stadium gets through.


A lot of people are employed in connection to the stadium in various ways, roles like looking after the turf, selling food and beverage to us thirsty fans, or cleaning up our pie wrappers.

Am looking forward to the next couple of home games.

I hope I see you there.