The Power Plant on Maclean St, Paraparaumu Beach was hit hard by the Covid-19 lockdown but, with the increase in home offices, the need to create the perfect backdrop for Zoom calls and the desire to lift spirits while stuck at home, the shop has the opportunity to use the "new normal" to its advantage.

With no airflow or a chance to move plants around, "There were a few casualties from lockdown but most survived," owner Samantha Hamilton said.

"We took all the [plants] home that we could and visited about once a week to water the [rest] during lockdown."

After starting with a soft opening in September last year, the businesses was slowly growing through word of mouth. Locals make up the majority of their customer base.


With a passion for plants, Sam started the business out of a love for plants and being unable to find the ones she wanted around Kāpiti.

Plants from The Power Plant on Maclean St will liven up your home. Photo / Rosalie Willis
Plants from The Power Plant on Maclean St will liven up your home. Photo / Rosalie Willis

"It was always a struggle to find those plants that are a bit more specialised and to get that one-on-one service helping you find just the right plant for your space.

"It's been my interest, my passion.

"I would research plant after plant after plant, because it was a hobby for me before I even thought about having the business."

Coming from a photography and retail background, she wanted to bring something to Kāpiti which was a bit different.

The Power Plant grew from this desire, with a great range of plants sourced mostly from the Northland region.

With striking in-store styling displaying plants so as to inspire customers to bring the greenery into their homes, Sam has a vast knowledge of her products and how to look after them.

Located in the middle of Maclean St, the small shop is brimming with plants - on shelves, on the floor and with many hanging from the ceiling.


After opening late last year, the plan was to get a website up and running by November, but that was not to be as Sam found starting a business was busy work, even with the help of her partner Leroy James.

Lockdown was the step the pair needed to kickstart the online side of their business.

"It went a bit crazy when we opened up the website.

"Originally only delivering locally in level 3, people got a bit too excited clicking 'local delivery' when they lived in places like Tauranga or further afield.

"We had to quickly open up delivery nationwide because there was such a demand for it.

"I've been inundated with messages from people saying, 'I've been looking for this plant for so long, can you please send it to Nelson' and places like that.


"Everyone is spending a lot of time at home, whether working from home or home with kids, so people have come to us wanting to liven up their space.

"They'll send us a picture showing us their space, telling us how much light they get and ask what they can put there."

String of pearls, golden pothos, calathea makoyanas, the names may sound foreign but with their in-depth knowledge, Sam and Leroy will provide you with more than just a plant, they can help transform your home or office space into a place that makes being in it that little bit more enjoyable.