The new normal is challenging but it also presents opportunities, writes Kāpiti Coast Chamber of Commerce chairwoman Jacinda Thorn.

In the last few weeks how we live and the way we run our businesses has changed dramatically.

Our 'new' normal presents challenges, but also opportunities; opportunities to connect with each other, help one another and assess how our businesses can adapt to the new normal.

Already, so many of our businesses have shifted their physical services online.


Others are using this time to develop and plan for when we make it to the other side.

Digital technology is enabling us to stay connected through these unprecedented times.

The Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting local businesses during Covid-19 level 4 and beyond.

Over the last few weeks our immediate focus has been to provide members with hands-on support - particularly how to access the Government support and expert webinars running to help businesses deal with issues like leadership, working from home and employment advice.

We are actively working with the Kāpiti Coast District Council, KEDA and other business organisations to ensure we're delivering up-to-date advice to our community.

I understand many of you are feeling uncertain about the future - please make sure you access all the support on offer - including wage subsidies.

These can make a real difference over the next 10 weeks.

Where to find information and help:


1. COV19 updates including essential services -

2. Government Information for Businesses -

3. Kāpiti Coast District Council -

4. Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce -

My hope is that by being proactive we can all adjust to this new 'normal'.

We also have a number of people who are essential workers in our community - thank you for working to keep us safe, protected and fed.

Stay home and stay safe.