Andrew Stroombergen's last day at Waikanae Butchery is on Monday.

For 13 years he has spearheaded the award-winning butchery but it is now time to spend more time looking after his three foster boys as well as getting his health better.

"It is time.

"Thirteen years is a long time to be doing basically six days a week."


He's enjoyed his time at the butchery especially through "developing the products and getting customers to come back to us".

"The development that we've done, the growth we've had, and futureproofing the shop for the next owner to come through.

"It was always my aim to futureproof it because of all the new bits and pieces that are coming in through ill-informed government legislation that we have to adhere to."

Andrew leaves with many fond memories including two on one day.

"Our second Christmas saw a queue out the door and down past the lawyer's office.

"I wish I had the cameras up then because I could have taken a snapshot and it would have been the best advertising you could ever have."

The queue also provided a chance for Andrew to use his good sense of humour.

"A lady had been queuing and when she got to the door, and it was 10am, I said 'okay boys morning tea'.


"The look on her face was absolutely priceless."

Waikanae Butchery is now owned by Terry McKee.

Terry has been in the butchery trade all his life starting in Blenheim, a stint in Germany, before working in Wellington at Bells Continental, Prestons, Island Bay Butchery and Harringtons.

Waikanae Butchery's new owner Terry McKee. Photo / David Haxton
Waikanae Butchery's new owner Terry McKee. Photo / David Haxton

"Now it's time to have my own business."

He's enjoying the new opportunity and getting to know people.

"People have been coming in wishing me the best of luck.

"It's a nice community."

Waikanae Butchery, which has five staff including Terry, has been operating for over 40 years.