It was one discovery after another for SPCA inspectorate team lead Ben Lakomy when he responded to a call about a mother and some kittens at a thought to be abandoned property in Paraparaumu.

"We were called by a member of the public who had noted the mother and kittens at an address where no one had been seen for a number of days," Ben said.

"It turned out there was someone home who had been bedridden for a number of days.

"That person had been feeding the cat which had been abandoned at the address by a boarder, but they were unaware of the kittens.

A kitten found by torch light under a thought to be abandoned house.
A kitten found by torch light under a thought to be abandoned house.

"I quickly spotted the queen and three kittens huddled in the grass against a fence near the back door."

The caller had said there were four kittens but after a good look around Ben was unable to locate a fourth kitten.

So he left instructions for the occupant of the house to call the SPCA if there was any sign of it.

"Just as I was leaving however, I heard a faint meow and after about five minutes, and after removing the manhole cover to under the house we spotted the fourth kitten with a torch."

But the story wasn't finished there.

The kittens recovering in the care of the SPCA.
The kittens recovering in the care of the SPCA.

The lucky rescue continued with a fifth kitten being found three days later.

"Amazingly, three days later the occupant found a fifth kitten. The kitten was cold and alone but is now doing well and has been reunited with its littermates."

Having to feed five hungry kittens and only being fed after being abandoned by the boarder for who knows how long, the mum was very skinny but the kittens were all bright and alert when found.


"The mum was on the lean side and incredibly hungry as it's a big job feeding a litter of kittens and the mums need a lot of support with extra food.

"But the kittens were all bright, alert and doing well, even the wee lone ranger."

All the kittens and their mum are in foster care together and once they are all old enough they will be desexed and go up for adoption.

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Not alone at this time, the summer months are kitten season for the SPCA with the warmer months seeing a huge spike in the number of young kittens and pregnant queens coming through their doors.

Already coming in their leaps and bounds, 157 kittens have been taken into the SPCA's care over the last fortnight from the wider Wellington and Kāpiti region alone.


If you are interested in adopting a cat or kitten, visit and click on the adopt button to find your nearest animal centre.