A new book called The Grumbles, written by Lucy Edwards, from Paraparaumu, has an important message for children.

"It's about positivity and overcoming hard times.

"The Grumbles in the book are sort of like monsters and they come in like clouds, a little bit like depression, and they take away all the fun and make everyone a bit gloomy and glum.

"And the only way that everyone can get rid of them is to dance, and laugh, and sing and tell jokes."

Front over of The Grumbles.
Front over of The Grumbles.

Lucy, who has a background in writing for theatre, film and television including comedy like 7 Days, wrote the book for her children Boston and Mila.

"I needed something a bit more appropriate for them rather than more adult jokes that I do."

Rhyme, humour and vibrant illustrations convey the positivity message.

The book is illustrated by Stephen Templer.

"A friend of mine, who is also an artist, Natasya Yusoff, was too busy but suggested I get in touch with this guy Stephen Templer.

"I had never heard of him so I looked him up and his art is amazing.

"He's just got an exhibition in New York.

"I didn't think he would want to do something like this, but he loved the story, and was happy to."


She was happy with the finished product.

"It's a little bit surreal, and now the actual work begins because it's one thing to make it but another thing to sell it and get it out there.

"I feel like the challenge has just started."

Feedback had been encouraging including one amusing example.

"I sent a copy to my friend Melanie Luckman for her kids.

"She sent me a message saying her sons kept asking for the book and the song in it.

"She had filmed them singing it and said 'thanks I've had this [singing] for 10 hours!"

Lucy thanked her husband Gabriel Page.

"He was absolutely amazing and very supportive the whole way."

And her parents Frank and Rhonda Edwards.

"They couldn't have been more helpful."

The book is available at Whitcoulls.