Specsavers Paraparaumu along with the community has contributed to the collection of 10,000 pairs of pre-loved glasses as they take on a major global health crisis.

In partnership with Lions Recycle for Sight, the store launched a glasses recycling programme last year which sees quality glasses and sunglasses being delivered to people in need overseas.

"We're so proud and thankful that the people of Paraparaumu have got behind us in our mission for vision," Specsavers Paraparaumu co-owner Kalib Harris said.

"If you were to line up all of the glasses that have been donated, it would measure the height of Kāpiti Island 2.68 times over.


"We're excited that we've already come so far but there's a long way to go.

"There are still many people facing major problems in developing communities around the world, simply because they don't have access to glasses.

"Over the next year, we've set ourselves a challenge to collect 100 pairs of good quality glasses or sunglasses each month.

"The more we can collect, the better because every pair of glasses will make a significant difference."

Once glasses are collected, they are sent to Lions Recycle for Sight in Wellington which runs a glasses recycling facility that quality checks, cleans and categorises the glasses.

If the glasses pass the quality tests they are then distributed to people in need in the Pacific Islands through partnering charities and humanitarian organisations.

"People buy new glasses in our store every day and no longer have a use for their old ones.

"Usually they have been well looked after and are still in perfect condition, but the prescription may be outdated.


"Our recycling programme allows them to donate their pre-loved specs to change someone else's life."

People can support Specsavers Paraparaumu's mission for vision by bringing their pre-loved glasses and sunglasses into the store, placing them in the glasses recycling collection box or handing them to a team member.