Always keen on art, but unable to take it further than a hobby when she was younger, at the ripe old age of 87 Margaret Armstrong is having her own art exhibition at the Roderick and Gillian Deane Community Art Space at Paraparaumu Library.

"I stumbled along with my art through the years, taught myself a bit here and there and this is where I've ended up," Margaret - also known as 'Tiny' - said.

"I've always done art when I could but at times in my life I have been too busy.

"When I was married and had children I didn't have time, but towards the end of my marriage I had time to do quite a bit.


"I did lessons with a bunch of children because the lady teaching us didn't want a whole lot of adults.

"So I said I'd sit on the floor with the children.

"She took me and taught me a lot of things alongside the children and it was lovely.

"I loved it and the children loved it."

Inspired by Put Some Colour in Your Life on the arts channel, artist Graeme Stevenson travels the world talking with people about their work.

"I've learnt many techniques off him and those on the show, it's just fantastic being able to watch it and pause it when needed."

Describing her work simply as "colourful" a stroke in 2017 didn't stop Margaret — in fact it meant she could spend more time creating.

"I've got a lot more time for painting now.


"I can't do my housework, hang out my washing, or empty the dishwasher so I've got plenty of time to paint."

Paralysed on the left side of her body, Margaret is fortunately right-handed leaving her able to pick up a paintbrush.

"I can't even do my own shopping. They have to bring it to me which is just wonderful."

After the stroke Margaret spent a few months recovering but once she was home and more mobile she gradually started again.

"She was in Kenepuru Hospital for six weeks and they originally said to her she would need to go to a retirement home and have hospital care," her daughter Sally Armstrong said.

If anything was a motivator for Margaret to get better it was this.

"So mum got to the physio, she got up and she started working hard at her mobility.

"Six weeks later she was home. It was amazing."

"I didn't want to go into a home," Margaret said.

"So now I have more time to paint since I can't do the housework.

"When I'm painting that's the time when I'm most happy."

Margaret's work will be on display from October 26 to November 15 during library opening hours.