Kash Edmonds has received the Christmas present of a lifetime — a seven seater spa pool.

Living in Raumati with his parents Nicola and Dave, and two siblings, Poppy and Zak, Kash, 6, is a bright outgoing boy who loves to get involved with whatever anyone's doing.

But his movement is hindered by a rare movement disorder, similar to cerebral palsy.

First diagnosed when he was only 6 months old, the disorder means Kash is continually moving and can't sit still.


The constant movement is tiring, causes cramps and makes it hard for him to sleep because of the spasms in his muscles.

Also developing epilepsy, Kash has experienced large seizures, the first being when he was around 7 months old.

"Not responding well to the medicine that most children with cerebral palsy take, we have been trying to find alternatives for him," Nicola said.

"There is a hydrotherapy pool down in Porirua, but we can't be driving down there every day at seven o'clock at night and he's getting too big for the bath."

Hearing about an online competition Hot Spring Spas were running earlier this year to win a spa pool, Nicola and Dave submitted a video into the online dance video contest of Kash dancing along with their 2-year-old daughter Poppy.

Not just for luxury and entertainment, spa pools offer a haven of restoration and rejuvenation, which are particularly helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain and tension as it provides relief and relaxation.

Seeing an opportunity to make a significant difference in Kash's life, Hot Springs Spas made contact with the family, gifting them a spa pool complete with steps, hand railing and waterproof speakers, installed by local dealer, Pools & Spas Kapiti.

"It's so exciting giving them this spa," Pools & Spas Kapiti owner Arron Pearson said.


"I just wanted it to hurry up and happen so Kash could have his spa."

The seven seater spa pool will allow Kash plenty of room to stretch out, the buoyancy will relieve pressure on his muscles and joints and the high pressure jets will decrease tension in his body and enhance his sleep quality.

"Entering the competition, we had so many people sharing the post," Nicola said.

"We were so blown away by the number of votes and support, lots of people got behind him.

"When the competition ended we got an email from Hot Springs Spas to say they were really touched by Kash's story and wanted to gift him a spa because they knew how much he would benefit from it.

"I cried like a baby.


"The lady giving me the news was also crying as she told me.

"I just feel blown away and humbled by it all."

The spa pool, delivered last week, can comfortably seat seven adults so the whole family can enjoy it.

"It will provide him with a lot of relief, especially on bad days.

"That's the main thing — when he's having a really bad day with tiredness, he's aching and sore, he can go straight into the spa and relax and take that tension away."