A new not-for-profit organisation in Kāpiti to fix felines has been formed.

Feline Fix, co-founded by Annette Buckley and Sandra Knight, is a community initiative to help spay and neuter cats.

"We aim to work with the community to provide reduced cost desexing to those who genuinely can't afford it," Buckley said.

"We are very grateful to Friends of Animal Charities for a foundation grant of $1000 to help kick start the programme.


"Often it is a combination of lack of money available or education on just how young cats can breed.

"Some kittens are irresponsibly rehomed, some find their way to animal rescues.

"Allowing that first litter means the problem grows."

She said some felines as young as 4 months old were getting pregnant.

Feline Fix wanted to educate and help people in financial difficulties to do the right thing, she said.

"Spaying and neutering your cats is the kindest thing you can do for your animals, not only in terms of reducing over population but there are enormous health benefits."

Young cats, especially males, that had been fixed tended not to roam, fight or spray as much.

"Every cat should be wanted and we encourage the community to please say 'yes to desex'.


"We will be relying on fundraising and other initiatives to help fund the cause.

"We now have a Facebook page as well as a Givealittle page [www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/feline-fix].

"Donations can be made directly to our bank account Westpac Paraparaumu 03-0732-0042273-00 and we'll be at Paraparaumu Beach Saturday Morning Market this week.

"There are so many animal rescue organisations in New Zealand and we are one more charity that's trying to help."